Generate solar power with your your own agriculture microgrids.

Your farm relies on power. You need it for water, light, fuel and refrigeration. Even an hour without energy threatens your business. That’s why you need reliable, clean energy from our solar microgrids. PowerShingle® offers elevated, solar structures for Agriculture that create dual-usage spaces that can be totally off the local electrical grid. That means you can get sustainable solar energy right from your own farm.

Nucor Purlin Gable for PowerShingle Agriculture solar energy microgrids
PowerShingle Fully Assembled solar energy microgrid for agriculture
Freshly harvested produce heading to the cooler underneath a PowerShingle Solar Energy microgrid

Keep valuable agriculture land in production

The last thing you need is your land that isn’t producing food. That’s why PowerShingle serves two uses: power and purpose.

Get all the power you need from our PowerShingle solar canopies while using them to protect and grow the food below. With our patented technology, we can harness solar energy while letting enough light through to nourish your crops. PowerShingle’s design allows some sunlight to shine through, making it perfect for farmers who use traditional hoop houses or other protective canopies.

PowerShingle can be used as part of the farming process, to help store farming equipment, as a fuel depot, or so much more. The uses are as limitless as the power.

Cost savings

Our solar microgrids allow you to avoid the high costs associated with traditional energy sources, and reduce overall energy consumption.

Reliable Power Supply

PowerShingle works in remote or off-grid areas where your access to electricity is limited, making it perfect for high-risk crops.

Increased efficiency

Solar power can help you improve your farm’s efficiency, reduce emissions, and minimize environmental impact.

Energy security

Farmers can ensure that they have a consistent and reliable energy source, even in the event of power outages or disruptions to the grid. In today’s challenging landscape, solar power you can count on is crucial for agriculture.


Solar microgrids can meet the specific energy needs of individual farmers, like yourself, making them scalable and flexible. You can start with a small system and expand it over time, making it perfect for small operations looking to grow.

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