Any of these designs can be adapted to suit your operational needs.

Power Shingle Travel Center

Clear-span Gable

Protect large areas with minimal columns.  Gable Frames allow for a wide variety of uses including retail and mixed-use space.

Think Asset Protection, Agriculture Operations, EV Charging, Truck Stops, and more.

100′-200′ clear-spans are typical for Gable Frames.

Power Shingle Monoslope frame

Monoslope frame

Performs great when oriented South, West or East.

Monoslope frames are usually freestanding and can also be attached to a building for seamless weather protection.

40′-80′ clear spans are typical for Monoslope Frames.  

Power Shingle T-structure frame


T-Frames are already the industry standard for covered parking.  However, unlike traditional solar carports… PowerShingle® elevated structures are watertight, with no gaps between panels that will leak water when it rains.

Customers and employees will thank you for installing PowerShingle® instead of typical solar carports!