Nucor PowerShingle – Solar canopies that enhance your operations

Gable Clear Span

Think Asset Protection, Agriculture Operations, EV Charging, Truck Stops, and more.

Protect large areas with minimal columns.  Gable Frames allow for a wide variety of uses with wide-open clear space underneath.  

100′-200′ clear-spans between columns can easily be achieved with a Nucor PowerShingle Gable-Frame design. 

Power Shingle overhead shot


Imagine cost-effective usable space for inventory, equipment & open-air workspaces.  Add rain gutters & lighting for a truly beautiful canopy. 

Typical clear heights are 16′ with frames every 25-30′  

50′-80′ clear spans are typical for Monoslope Frames.  


T-Frames are already the industry standard for covered parking.  However, unlike other solar carports… PowerShingle® elevated structures are watertight, with no gaps between panels to leak water when it rains.

Customers and employees will thank you for installing PowerShingle® instead of typical solar carports!