Clean Solar Energy + Valuable Weather Protection

Protecting Perishables

Bonipak Produce – a leader in sustainable fresh foods and vegetables has installed several large PowerShingle® canopies to provide weather protection for its delicate leafy greens… that will likely become your next salad!   

In addition to protecting your food, PowerShingle® canopies also power the water pumps used to grow these vegetables… providing a completely sustainable system that will ensure healthy food for generations!

Protecting People

Maintaining vehicles and equipment outdoors can be a severe challenge under the daily stress of sun and weather exposure. 

This 7,000 sq.ft. canopy provides protection to workers and equipment for a large industrial business.  This PowerShingle® canopy also directly powers the equipment below for a double bottom-line benefit!

Protecting Operations

This leading CA farming company installed 18,000 sq. feet of PowerShingle® elevated solar. 

Instead of taking up valuable land for solar generation, this system provides weather protection for farming equipment AND clean energy for crop irrigation.

PowerShingle® generates electricity at a fraction of the cost of grid power!