PowerShingle® Nucor Purlin Solar Canopy Designs for every use case.

You deserve a variety of options, whether you need off-grid power or solar energy in the heart of the city. That’s why we offer PowerShingle in custom framing designs unique to your use case. We have design solutions for any building requirements or local building codes. And by partnering with Nucor® our purlin designs are made from 80% recycled domestic steel and can be certified Econiq™, Nucor’s net-zero carbon steel. Ensuring that your investment is made from incredibly strong, American-made materials. If you are looking for quality materials that power your space while looking good doing it, look no further.

Solar energy that enhances your space

Our designs have been proven by customer after customer to drive recurring solar revenue while reducing your carbon footprint. PowerShingle lets you power your operations while providing cover shade, shelter and storage. We’ve seen customers use them as hoop houses, fuel depots, basketball courts, charging stations, packaging areas, parking, storage, and more. We will work with you to custom design a solar canopy to fit your exacting needs. Find out why PowerShingle is the best best option for any size when it comes to clean energy.

PowerShingle Solar Canopy Gable Design for Storage at Bonipak

Gable Clear Span

  • PowerShingle® completely changes what is possible for solar canopy construction.  
  • Think Asset Protection, Agriculture Operations, EV Charging, Truck Stops, and more.
  • Span and protect large areas with minimal columns to facilitate a wide variety of uses… while generating recurring solar revenue.
  • 100′-200′ spans can easily be achieved with Nucor PowerShingle®
PowerShingle® Solar Canopies reflecting the sun


  • Imagine cost-effective usable space for inventory, equipment & open-air workshops. 
  • Add rain gutters & lighting for a beautiful and highly functional space.
  • 50′-75′ clear spans are typical for Single-Slope designs.  
PowerShingle clean energy solar canopy structure carport

Carport Style

  • Elegant shade & shelter. 
  • Add EV charging for clean recurring solar revenue. 
  • Customers and employees will thank you.