Canopy Power!


Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Energy where you want it


Your business needs a canopy… Do you engineer it to add solar later?  Now ask yourself… What if the canopy roof was actually made out of solar panels instead?

You have just described PowerShingle… a simple, yet highly effective, (building-integrated) solar canopy that provides unprecedented weather (rain, snow, sun) protection AND generates clean solar power!  Thanks to Federal Tax Credits, PowerShingle solar canopies can ACTUALLY COST LESS THAN traditional metal roof canopies!   Pre-engineered steel structures from Nucor are super-fast to install and can lead to huge savings for larger projects.  PowerShingle canopies can be used for almost any power-hungry business… from Agriculture Coolers, Indoor / Vertical Farming, Manufacturing, Mining, Fleet/EV Charging and more!   Use the space underneath for virtually anything!   FARM THE SUN AND USE THE LAND!

Get CLEAN DRY CANOPY SPACE and SOLAR ENERGY… all at the same time!

PowerShingle Canopies Generate Recurring Revenue

Pre-Engineered Nucor Steel Goes Up… FAST.

PowerShingle Canopies Provide Clean Dry Space

Ultra-Fast PowerShingle Solar Installation

PowerShingle Fully Assembled solar energy microgrid for agriculture

Clean Energy

Elegant Steel Canopies That Pay For Themselves

Dry Space

Endless Possibilities To Protect Assets

Generate Income

Recurring Solar Energy + Valuable & Usable Space

Proudly American

Nucor Recycled Steel + US Manufactured Solar Panels.