Power & Protection


Energy where you want it


Manufactured in the U.S.A.


PowerShingle is the backbone of the solar microgrid.

PowerShingle’s clean energy solutions help offset strained electrical grids. We provide clean energy that can help carry your business through blackouts and weather emergencies. Our elevated solar structures are highly functional with a water-shedding design that keeps people and equipment clean and dry. This eliminates the need for the costly sub-roofing most solar microgrid systems require. The bi-facial design allows it to gather sunlight from both sides of the solar panel for added power generation all day long. The unique design and functionality of PowerShingle paired with increased federal tax credits make it the perfect addition to your space.

Clean Energy

Valuable weather protection that pays for itself

Dry Space

Endless possibilities to protect your assets

Generate Income

40% Tax Credits + recurring energy generation

Proudly American

Nucor recycled steel + USA manufactured solar panels.

PowerShingle® in action…  


“PowerShingle® allows us to generate energy exactly where we need it and keep valuable land in production!” Large CA Farming Co.


“PowerShingle® protects our equipment and generates clean power at the same time!   Win-Win! “    Large CA Mining Co.


“PowerShingle® enables EV charging anywhere… a huge opportunity as we transition to electric vehicles!” National Energy Co.

Solar microgrids to meet your needs

We can help you create one of our solar microgrid solutions to serve your business needs. PowerShingle can be found on large-scale farms, mining operations, fueling stations, and auto retailers. We can scale our microgrid solutions to fit your power and storage needs. Giving you a valuable dual usage space that has incredible tax incentives.

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