Clean energy tax credits & PowerShingle.

Thanks to U.S. Manufacturing + the new Solar Tax Credits of the Inflation Reduction Act… PowerShingle® elevated solar structures cost less than conventional metal roof canopies and pay for themselves with safe, predictable returns. That means that this is the year that you bring clean energy to your industry. Whether you work in agriculture, mining, transportation, auto retail, or another business we can provide a solution for your clean energy needs.

Taylor Farms San Juan Bautista clean energy solar structure
PowerShingle clean energy solar canopy structure carport
Bulldozer under a PowerShingle mining solar energy canopy

How much electricity can it generate?

PowerShingle can generate 1MW of power per 60,000 square feet (enough for roughly 200 homes or a large cooler or manufacturing operation).  This means you can generate more clean energy in less space than any other system.

So much clean energy – packed into a tiny footprint! Save space while protecting your valuable assets.

What are my design options?

We have a number of pre-engineered elevated solar configurations that we can customize to your clean energy needs.

How is PowerShingle® made?

Imagine the windshield of your car…  two sheets of durable safety glass laminated together for strength.  That is exactly how PowerShingle®  panels are made with bi-facial solar cells sandwiched in-between.

Even better, modules are proudly manufactured right here in the United States using domestic and globally sourced parts!

How does PowerShingle® work?

PowerShingle is designed to shed water, so that everything below stays nice and dry. This keeps down the cost by eliminating the need for expensive sub-roofing that most solar structures need. This coupled with the bifacial design, allows PowerShingle to collect light from both sides.

What is the solar structure that supports PowerShingle®?

The infrastructure is a Nucor purlin design that is made from 80% recycled domestic steel and can be certified Econiq™, Nucor’s net-zero carbon steel.

Won’t I lose valuable real estate to install this clean energy solar structure?

This doesn’t require you to give up any space to install one of our solar structures. In fact, not only do you gain the ability to generate clean energy you also gain a weather protected canopy to turn into any kind of space that you desire. A EV car charging station, a hoop house for growing berries, storage, parking, or whatever you require. This is huge win for you and your business.

You mentioned tax credits?

We sure did. Due to the federal tax credits we mentioned before you could receive tax benefits of up to 40% just for installing our clean energy solar structures. You can read the government press release here.