Protect High-Value Inventory Against Extreme Weather

PowerShingle® provides a tremendous value for auto retailers. Enhance your customer experience with Shade & Shelter.   Generate clean energy for EV charging. Protect high-value inventory from extreme weather damage. Add value to your operations with PowerShingle.

PowerShingle Auto Retailers electric vehicles charging stations
PowerShingle clean energy solar canopy structure carport

Gear-Up for the EV revolution.

Today’s auto retailers and fleet operators are faced two important challenges:

  1.  (Large) Energy Requirements for (EV) Electric Vehicles
  2. (Extreme) Weather damage to high-value inventory

Protect entire fleets, reduce insurance premiums and generate massive amounts of clean energy required to charge power-hungry Electric Vehicles – all at the same time.

Clean Energy Tax Credits for Auto Retailers with Charging Stations.

The Inflation Reduction Act’s Alternative Fuel Refueling Property tax credit has extended a tax credit that was going to expire in December of 2032. Auto retailers could benefit from a tax incentive of up to 30% of the total cost of equipment and installation on certain types of EV chargers.

With the new push toward clean energy and renewable resources, now is a fantastic time to invest in PowerShingle. It offers auto retailers a number of benefits, including:

  1. Tax credits for solar energy
  2. Covered space for Electric Vehicle (EV) or non-electric vehicle inventory.
  3. Tax incentives for using the PowerShingle space as charging stations.
  4. The ability to tout “Going Green” initiatives to your customers.

With over 369 billion dollars available for auto retailers, now is the time to invest in yours. Solar energy projects like PowerShingle® can provide you with incentives for going green like never before.

Get reliable, clean, and efficient energy from PowerShingle in a variety of micro-grid design options. Protect your inventory or set-up charging stations and bring your dealership into the future. Now is the time for renewable energy that generates long-term revenue and attracts new EV car buyers.