Generate large amounts of clean energy – without taking up farmland.

Farms rely on power… lots of power. Water pumping, cooling, harvesting processing all require tremendous amounts of energy. PowerShingle was developed for farmers who wanted large-scale solar generation… without taking up farmland.  Think efficient, elevated solar structures that enhance your Agriculture operations… allowing you to use the space underneath for virtually anything. Farm the solar energy and use the land!

PowerShingle underneath shot with scissor lift inspecting the structure.
Freshly harvested produce heading to the cooler underneath a PowerShingle Solar Energy microgrid

Own Your Energy!

PowerShingle generates large amounts of electricity in very little space, so no farmland has to be taken out of production.  Install PowerShingle anywhere energy is needed and generate your own clean power.  Think True Energy Independence.

PowerShingle can be used as part of the farming process, to store farming equipment, as a fuel depot, or so much more…  Uses are limitless.

Protect Against Rising Costs.

Electricity costs have gone up rapidly over the past decade, especially for farmers in certain regions of the USA.  PowerShingle allows you to generate your own power, avoid the high costs associated with traditional energy sources, and reduce overall energy consumption.

Remote Power.

PowerShingle is ideal for off-grid areas where access to electricity is limited.  PowerShingle provides consistent power for wells and other loads ranging from 5hp to 500hp with ease.

Scalability & Energy Security.

Farms need consistent and reliable electricity.  PowerShingle combined with new inverter technology and battery storage can help deliver power even in the event of grid failures!

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