Large Scale Solar… Dual Use Of Space…  True Win-Win.

Pre-Engineered Steel = Rapid Installation

Time lapse of first (of two) 60,000 square foot solar canopies going up at Bonipak Produce in Santa Maria CA.   This lapse starts with the second day of steel erection, showing the first 3 (of 11) 30′ bays being installed.   It is important to note that the entire pre-engineered solar support structure was fully erected in less than one week.  The spans on this structure are 180′ wide, with no interior supporting columns required.

PowerShingle Panel Installation

One-Day Time-Lapse of an approximate 400 panel section at Taylor Farms in San Juan Bautista CA.   This lapse shows PowerShingle solar panels being rapidly set into position safely from below. You can see the teams installing panels then locking them down before cleaning up and calling it a day.   This structure can handle multiple uses and is ideal for many industrial applications.

The PowerShingle Difference

This 1 minute video shows just how different PowerShingle really is.  Combine the power of pre-engineered steel with a glass solar roof that is designed to shed water and you have the ideal solution for countless applications.