Save money & Stay ahead of emission regulations.

PowerShingle® presents an innovative solution that not only enhances the profitability of your mining enterprise but also effectively curtails its environmental impact by harnessing the power of solar energy. With its exceptional design and functionality, PowerShingle proves to be an ideal choice for providing sustainable energy to various aspects of your mining operations. From powering essential equipment and ensuring ample lighting to facilitating the smooth operation of water pumps and meeting the energy needs of the entire site, PowerShingle offers a comprehensive solution. By utilizing this groundbreaking technology, you not only safeguard your investments but also actively contribute to the development of off-grid solar power. Discover the multitude of ways in which PowerShingle can revolutionize your mining business by maximizing energy efficiency, minimizing reliance on traditional power sources, and reducing carbon emissions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embrace renewable energy solutions and propel your mining operation towards a greener, more sustainable future. Take charge of your energy needs today and experience the transformative potential of PowerShingle.

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Bulldozer under a PowerShingle mining solar energy canopy

Reduce Mining & Manufacturing Costs.  Increase Revenue with Solar Energy.

PowerShingle can help your operations reduce dependence on traditional energy sources and decrease environmental impacts.

  1. Powering Equipment: PowerShingle can power equipment used in mining operations, such as drilling rigs, conveyor belts, and crushers. It can reduce the use of diesel generators, which are expensive to operate and emit harmful pollutants.
  2. Water pumps: Sites require significant amounts of water for processing and dust suppression. Solar-powered water pumps can be used to pump water from nearby sources, reducing the need for diesel-powered pumps and lowering operational costs.
  3. Off-grid power: Mining operations in remote areas rely on diesel generators for power. Installing solar panels and battery storage systems can provide an off-grid power source that is cheaper and more sustainable than traditional generators.
  4. Site power: Solar power can be used to provide power to the entire mining site, reducing dependence on the grid and ensuring a stable power supply. It can also help reduce the carbon footprint of the mining operation.

PowerShingle® is an effective way to reduce energy costs, improve environmental sustainability, and increase the efficiency and safety of your operations. With the introduction of federal tax credits it has never been more profitable to incorporate solar energy into your operations.