Pre-Engineered Nucor Steel Structures


PowerShingle Bonipak Gabled Clean Energy Microgrid Solar Structure paid for with federal tax credits

Gable Clear Span

  • PowerShingle® completely changes what is possible for solar canopy construction.  
  • Think Asset Protection, Agriculture Operations, EV Charging, Truck Stops, and more.
  • Span and protect large areas with minimal columns to facilitate a wide variety of uses… while generating recurring solar revenue.
  • 100′-200′ spans can easily be achieved with Nucor PowerShingle®


  • Imagine cost-effective usable space for inventory, equipment & open-air workshops. 
  • Add rain gutters & lighting for a beautiful and highly functional space.
  • 50′-75′ clear spans are typical for Single-Slope designs.  
PowerShingle clean energy solar canopy structure carport

Carport Style

  • Elegant shade & shelter. 
  • Add EV charging for clean recurring solar revenue. 
  • Customers and employees will thank you.