Thanks to Federal Tax Incentives and recurring solar revenues, PowerShingle® canopies cost less than metal roof structures and pay for themselves with safe, predictable returns.

Power Shingle Travel Center

What makes PowerShingle® different from the "Solar Carports" I already see all over town?


Traditional solar has gaps between every panel, so when it rains, (very) dirty water also rains onto everything underneath… your vehicle, clothes and whatever else is stored below.   With PowerShingle®, everything below stays clean and dry!

How much electricity can PowerShingle® generate?


1MW of clean solar power per 60,000 square feet.

Are PowerShingle® canopies expensive?


PowerShingle® canopies actually COST LESS than traditional metal canopies and pay for themselves by generating reliable (recurring) solar revenue AND valuable Tax Credits.

What are my design options?


Virtually any metal building or canopy that would traditionally use a metal roof, can now be designed and built with PowerShingle®!

How long with PowerShingle® last?

PowerShingle® is designed to last well over 30 years.  PowerShingle® uses robust all glass (Made in USA, Class-A Fire Rated) solar panels and will not rust out or degrade like a light-gauge metal roof can!

Does PowerShingle® really work?


PowerShingle® is simple, yet very effective.   We have installed thousands of square feet of PowerShingle® structures and our clients love the results!